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Latest activity. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Hack Pro build using a new Mac Pro case. Thread starter ptmays Start date Dec 18, So this will be the start of a new project for me, this will be my second case mod project and third Hackintosh build.

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A little back ground, my first build was getting SL running on a Lenovo S10 netbook, it was very low cost and works very well. My second build was using parts from a computer inherited from my fiance's late great uncle. To do what a lot of pros want, you just need a good GPU. The lack of Thunderbolt ports makes doing this a nonstarter for certain people.

Kickstarter shrugs as Dune Case seeks to crowdfund Mac Pro clone | VentureBeat

But many of these potential problems have been completely solved by the community. Like the Hackintosh community, the Facebook group has a running list of compatible and incompatible parts, shares written and video tutorials about upgrading the computers, and has even found a way to upgrade the Mac Pro 4. You cannot go to Apple.

  • Processor and Memory!
  • Hack Pro build using a new Mac Pro case | tonymacxcom.
  • Give your PC the Mac Pro look with this case.
  • All-New Design.

Various people have been experimenting with their own DIY Mac Pro upgrades, and lots of YouTubers are sharing methods for upgrading the computers. In response to this gap in the market, the Hackintosh community has thrived and the Mac Pro Upgrade community has risen. Chuong Nguyen for Digital Trends :.

But going piece by piece, will you realistically be able to get more power and expandability in a PC you buy or build for far less money? External storage will of course be used for the massive amounts of digital video and other data storage for which these machines are designed to be used. Look how high that monitor sits off the desk.

I am looking down at my iMac now, unless you are 5 foot tall or sitting on a milking stool no way is it too high Neither has any previous iMac I have owned for that matter. If anything I would prefer it a little higher. There really is no limit to the griping some people invent it seems to make a dig. I am always elevating my displays as they sit too low for good ergonomics when using traditional desks at work.

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  5. At home I built my own desk. If you have moved your iTunes library to an external drive, then you live with beach balls and large latency. How about another: certain client and financial files cannot be saved remotely, it has to be kept on a secure local server, using different security protocol from the rest of the system files. To this day, there are still clients that expect their project to be delivered on a physical hard drive.

    Why attach an ugly cable to an external drive? Multiple drive bays are very much important.

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    Every user has stuff that deserves to be stored inside the box. Someday you might get it.

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    Seems like a huge waste of the mighty encryption engine for which you just paid a small fortune. And the reality is that while one may have fast network storage in a larger wealthier Enterprise setting, the reality is that for SMB, the workstation will also be its own internal data storage station, which is why the four internal 3.

    The Dune Pro Case Lets You Go Pro, But The Way You Want

    External SSDs are cheap. Stop being a cheap skate. If you go usb both devices would saturate or near saturate the bus. Stop being an elitist, you give Mac owners a toxic reputation.

    Building The Ultimate Mac Pro

    Article was not written by MDN. But the MDN linked article is at least trying to be genuine in its assessment. Why no custom pull handle to make it easier to move from room to room? Strange how much PC manufacturers charge for their boxes and other required add-ons then, if the components only cost that.

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    use mac pro case to build pc Use mac pro case to build pc
    use mac pro case to build pc Use mac pro case to build pc
    use mac pro case to build pc Use mac pro case to build pc
    use mac pro case to build pc Use mac pro case to build pc

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