Mac pro 2.8ghz 8 core benchmark


The MacBook Pro 15 still holds up extremely well in our size comparison. There are some differences, and many rivals are a bit wider and not as deep, but the MacBook is still the most compact and slim laptop overall. Dell's XPS 15 is slimmer at the fron of the chassis, but gets thicker at the rear. The Apple laptop is also the lightest machine at little more than 1.

The port situation did not change, you still get four Thunderbolt 3 ports full bandwidth with USB Type-C connectors as well as a 3. This means you can pretty much attach anything to the current MacBook Pro and there are more and more USB-C accessories, but you will probably need adapters or dongles for now.

There is still no SD-card reader, either, despite the large case. The transfer rates in our standardized test with the router Linksys EA, however, are a bit slower compared to last year's model. Still, even these results are ahead of the Windows competition. Apple managed to reduce the Wi-Fi connectivity issues in 2. We still see occasional package losses, but the connection itself is stable. Apple equips the MacBook Pro with its own T2 chip, which combines several functions including storage encryption and secure boot features. The user does not notice anything though.

The access to the laptop is still secured by the Touch-ID fingerprint scanner, which is quick and reliable. Apple only ships its devices with a month warranty, despite the high price. It is possible to extend the warranty to 36 months Apple Care Protection Plan , which costs Euros.

An on-site service, which is available from companies like Dell, HP, or Lenovo, however, is not included. There have been a lot of discussions about the keyboard on the current MacBook Pro lineup.

Apple uses keys with a very shallow travel to realize the slim base unit. The manufacturer uses its own Butterfly keys with very precise and loud key strokes, but the typing experience is just not comfortable for every user. Apple unfortunately sticks with the decision to waive a dedicated numpad, even though there would have been enough space. We still appreciate the keyboard illumination with multiple brightness settings and automatic adjustment to the ambient light.

Then there is the problem with defective keyboards on the MacBook Pros, and Apple even introduced a special repair program. Even small objects dirt, crumbs, etc. Apple did not mention this issue when they announced the models, but advertised a quieter keyboard. They ensure a quieter typing noise, but also seem to prevent the intrusion of dirt, so it might be an reaction to the problems after all.

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We can obviously not check whether this solution works in the long term. Subjectively, there is a distinct difference between the old keyboard e. The key stroke is much more muffled and not as light as before. The sound difference is actually only noticeable when you type with a lot of force.

Apple MacBook Pro 15 2018 (2.6 GHz, 560X) Laptop Review

All in all it is tough to say whether the key stroke has improved, but it certainly requires a little adjustment period. Update: Internal service documents from Apple confirm that the new membrane is supposed to prevent debris from entering the butterfly keys. The big trackpad did not change this year. It is still the benchmark among touchpads and is easy to use. Even gestures with multiple fingers are no problem thanks to the large surface area. Basic controls also work well running on Windows Bootcamp , but the drivers are not as well optimized as for Apple's own operating system.

You also still get the Touch Bar above the keyboard, which can show different contents based on the application. It shows basic controls like brightness or volume by default, but you can also display the standard function keys F1-F Whether the Touch Bar improves the productivity mainly depends on the software support. Apple is the only laptop manufacturer that still ships display.

Mac Pro Eight-Core 2.8GHz

The TrueTone support is the only new feature and we already know it from the iPhone or iPad, respectively. The white balance automatically adjusts according to the color temperature of the ambient light, which is supposed to create a more natural picture. The manual Night Shift mode, which reduces blue color contents, is still available.

Mac Pro Benchmarks

The latter can also be adjusted in the settings automatic activation depending on the time, warmer or cooler picture. The panel in our test unit carries the designation APPA and differs from the previous models. Similar to the smaller MBP 13 this might just be a new revision or it might be necessary for the added TrueTone functionality. Our test model reaches the advertised luminance of nits at some points, but the last year's panel was a bit brighter.

The black value is better in return, which improves the contrast ratio as well. Asus' ZenBook Pro 15 is equipped with a decent 4K screen, but cannot keep up with the two devices from Apple and Dell. The other two comparison devices use the same p screen and fall behind when it comes to luminance and contrast. The factory results are already very good and all the color deviations except for blue are already below the important mark of 3 vs. P3 reference.

The color temperature could be a bit better as well, but you cannot see a color cast. We checked and calibrated the display with our X-Rite i1 Pro 2 photospectrometer and managed to improve the majority of results. The average grayscale deviation is even lower and the slightly cool color temperature is corrected as well.

We see a similar picture for the colors, where the average deviation compared to the P3 reference dropped to just 1. CalMAN confirms an almost full P3 coverage. We also checked the other two popular color spaces and the narrower sRGB gamut is completely covered as well. If you plan to work in the AdobeRGB reference, however, you have to use an external display. The MacBook Pro 15 performs well outdoors.


The display is glossy, but there are laptops with much more reflective panels. You can work very comfortably in the shade and the contents are still visible in bright environments. You should, however, avoid direct reflections from light sources. The MacBook Pro 15 has always been a very powerful laptop. One of the issues of the recent models was the limited amount of RAM, and especially users with virtual machines quickly will run out of 16 GB very quickly.

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Apple replaces the Kaby Lake quad-core CPUs with hexa-core Coffee Lake chips; all three available processors are models with six cores and should provide a significant performance bump in multi-core scenarios. There is no official information on the GPUs yet, so we have to wait for our tests. It is a hexa-core processor from the Coffee Lake series, which is still manufactured in a 14nm process. This is one of the issues, because the basic architecture did not change for more than 2 years, but we still get more cores and higher Boost clocks. All the hexa-cores also have a lower base frequencies compared to the old quad-cores to ensure the same 45W TDP classification.

Our processor has a base frequency of 2. More technical information on the Core iH is available here. We use the benchmark Cinebench R15 for the assessment of the CPU performance since it is available for macOS and Windows 10, so we can compare the results with Windows systems.

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The single-core result of the new MacBook Pro 15 is okay, but the multi-core score of just points is pretty low. We use the tool Intel Power Gadget to observe the clock behavior of the processor. The following screenshot shows a single Cinebench R15 Multi run, which takes about 35 seconds.

The processor starts with the full 4.

mac pro 2.8ghz 8 core benchmark Mac pro 2.8ghz 8 core benchmark
mac pro 2.8ghz 8 core benchmark Mac pro 2.8ghz 8 core benchmark
mac pro 2.8ghz 8 core benchmark Mac pro 2.8ghz 8 core benchmark
mac pro 2.8ghz 8 core benchmark Mac pro 2.8ghz 8 core benchmark
mac pro 2.8ghz 8 core benchmark Mac pro 2.8ghz 8 core benchmark

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