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The window resizes to the size of a tablet browser in portrait mode. The menu stretches to fill the right side and the entire menu is visible. If you select one of the default devices in the menu the browser window will resize to the dimensions of the device. This enables you to see how the application will look on the selected device.

Using CSS in Ulysses

HTML5 applications are usually designed to respond to the size of the screen of the device on which they are viewed. You can use JavaScript and CSS rules that respond to the screen size and modify how the application is displayed so that the layout is optimized for the device. The window resizes to the size of a smartphone in landscape orientation and you can see that the bottom part of the menu is not visible without scrolling. In the next section you will modify the style sheet so that it is possible to view the entire menu without scrolling on a smartphone in landscape view.

It should be possible to make some minor changes to the elements of the page so that no scrolling is required. These changes should be applied only when the size of the browser is the size of a smartphone or smaller. When oriented in landscape view, the browser window of a smartphone is pixels wide and pixels high.

Cascading Style Sheets

In this exercise you will create a new style sheet and add a media rule for devices that have smartphone displays. You will then add some CSS Rules to the media rule. Any CSS rules that you add between the brackets for this rule will only be applied when the dimension of the browser is pixels wide or less. Create code templates for code snippets that you might use frequently. You can use code completion in the editor to help you add the link to the style sheet. An element is highlighted when it is selected in Inspect mode.

In this screenshot you can see that the image is highlighted in blue. The Selection tab of the CSS Styles window has three panes that provide details about the selected element. In the upper Properties pane of the window you can see that six property-value pairs are applied to the img element. Three of the pairs border , float and margin are applied via a CSS rule for the img element.

The remaining three pairs are applied because the img element inherits the properties of class selectors that are applied to objects that contain the img element. You can clearly see the structure of the DOM in the Navigator window.

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The border property is currently selected in the Properties pane. In the middle Applied Styles pane you can see that the border property and value is specified in a CSS rule that defines the img element. The rule is located on line 12 in the basecss. You can click the location in the pane to open the style sheet in the editor.

The lower pane displays all the properties that are defined in the CSS rule for the rule that is selected in the middle pane. In this case you can see that the rule for img defines the border , float and margin-right properties. The new rule is now listed in the Applied Styles pane.

You can see that there are two CSS rules for img. One of the rules is located in mycss. When you start typing in the value column you can see that a drop-down list displays common values for the width property. When you hit the Return key the image in the browser is automatically resized to be 90 pixels wide. In the editor the style sheet should now contain the following rule. Some additional changes need to be made to the style sheet because the menu still does not fit within the window.

If you select font-family in the CSS Styles window you can see that the font-family property and value are defined in the. The cursor is placed in the line containing the rule in the style sheet. When you change the value in the style sheet the page automatically updates in the browser window. You can type the property and value in the editor and use the code completion to help you. Alternatively, you can select the. When the browser window resizes you can see that the changes to the style sheet do not affect the display when the screen size is larger than pixels wide.

If you specify a watched directory the CSS files will be generated automatically each time you modify the CSS preprocessor files in the directory. To use a CSS preprocessor you need to install the preprocessor software and specify the location of the executable. You can specify the location of the executable in the Options window.

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For details, see the following note. If Folder is not an option in the popup menu, choose Other and then select the Folder file type in the Other category of the New File wizard. When you save the file the Sass preprocessor generates a new CSS file mysass. If you open mysass. By default, CSS debug information is generated in mysass.

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When you no longer want the debug information generated you can disable generation in the CSS Preprocessors tab in the Options window. When you want to modify the CSS rules you should edit the Sass preprocessor file mysass. For documentation about Sass syntax and other Sass features, see the Sass reference. Open index. Save your changes. You can see that the list item elements are now red.

In this tutorial, you learned how to add and modify the CSS rules of an HTML5 application to improve how the application is displayed on a device with a smaller screen size. You viewed the application in a browser that was resized to that of a standard smartphone. You used the Inspect in NetBeans Mode in the Chrome browser to help you locate CSS style rules and then modified the rules to optimize the layout for a smaller screen size.

Cascading Style Sheets CSS is a way to specify the styles of fonts and other page elements on your sites. It makes it easier for you to update styles too, because when done right, you only need to make a single change to update the styles on multiple pages and elements. Another bonus is that your visitor's browser needs to load less data per page, helping you reduce your data transfer usage while serving the same information. That means you'll be able to accommodate more site visitors without having to spend more on data transfer.

Your pages will also load faster. Version 2.

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cascading style sheets download mac Cascading style sheets download mac
cascading style sheets download mac Cascading style sheets download mac
cascading style sheets download mac Cascading style sheets download mac
cascading style sheets download mac Cascading style sheets download mac
cascading style sheets download mac Cascading style sheets download mac

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