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Can some one help me? Reply With Quote. Somebody can help me config hotkey dota2 on MacOs i can't use F buttons for focus hero, purchase items , Macbook Pro Mid 2. The frame rate is too low to be playable no matter what settings the audio and video are at. The game randomly crashes before long.

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Overall the mac client is unpredictably laggy and unstable; I'm glad I don't seem to be the only one experiencing this. I've been able to play Dota 2 with highest settings on this computer through Bootcamp Windows 7 for over a year now without a problem, so I hope there's a possible fix soon. No connection problems or image quality problems here. Framerate problems galore, though.

Can someone please tell me if I can run Dota 2 on my macbook? I know my video card sucks but please tell me there's hope. Originally Posted by emceerez. Try the "quit-reconnect" method. Originally Posted by cheetos Good luck to those of you suffering from this issue and hope this helps some of you out!

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Oh sorry forgot to mention I'm running at x I just tested it with v-sync and AA both on. Especially English native speakers welcome! According to Apple, the drivers support the following features in Windows 10 excerpt :. Besides the several features, we primarily want to check the support of high resolutions in Windows 10 as well as the energy management and see if you can use it as a productive device. Important: You should create a backup of your Mac before you install Windows to avoid any data loss.

The Boot Camp assistant makes it very easy to install Windows. You just have to select the Windows 10 image file as well as a USB flash drive and then select the size of the Windows partition, which can be easily adjusted with the mouse see screenshot. After that, the Boot Camp assistant starts formatting the hard drive. By the way: It is very easy to delete the whole Windows partition via Boot Camp afterwards. The Mac automatically restarts after around 10 minutes and starts the Windows installation.

Here we can notice the first problem, because the scaling does not work properly before the Windows files are not copied to the hard drive. The input of the product key in particular was pretty tricky because of the small font. We encountered another problem during our installation: Windows could not be installed in the partition that was created by the Boot Camp assistant. The solution, however, was pretty simple. We just had to delete the partition and then install Windows in the free partition.

Still, this step can be tricky for inexperienced users, because you can easily delete the Mac partition.

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After that, the installation starts to copy the Windows files to the hard drive and the device will restart. The scaling works properly after the restart and we go through the installation of Windows 10, which does not differ from any other device. All in all, the whole process took around 25 minutes before we saw the Windows Desktop for the first time.

The final step is the installation of the Boot Camp driver, which starts automatically. Only these drivers enable all the features of the MacBook including special keys, the keyboard illumination and so on. The Windows installation occupies around 18 GB on the hard drive.

Best Displays , for University Students. You can use Windows just like you would on any other regular Windows device after the installation of the Boot Camp driver. There you can restart the system under Mac OS X and adjust settings for the keyboard deactivation of the illumination, default use of special functions as well as the touchpad.

Here we can also see a big handicap for the handling, because the Trackpad only supports inputs with up to two fingers. Other gestures with more fingers that you know from Mac OS X are not possible.

Windows Client is Faster and Smoother on a MacBook Pro than MacOS Client

Even simple gestures like pinch-to-zoom don't work. There is at least no criticism for the precision and the response of the Trackpad, because it works flawlessly.

This seems to be an artificial restriction by Apple. We therefore recommend using an external mouse; we did not encounter any problems when we used a Bluetooth mouse from Logitech during our review period. The special functions of the F-keys are fully working brightness and volume control, keyboard illumination etc. Slightly irritating is the different key assignment that requires some time getting used to.

There are also some special key combinations for features like PrintScreen.

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It was no problem to get a video signal via HDMI-out, but a Thunderbolt-Ethernet adaptor did not work in our case right away. The Thunderbolt adaptor has to be attached before you boot Windows, the operating system will otherwise not recognize it. The USB 3.

MacBook Pro 15 Vega 20 Gaming Review on macOs - Fortnite Dota 2 CSGO Civ 6 DXMD & Boot Camp Windows

The use of an SD card was inconspicuous as well. You will need very good eyes to work comfortably on the All in all, we did not have a lot of problems with scaling issues. The new Edge browser in particular left a very good impression during the review period; content was always crisp and perfectly visible. It is possible to access the files from the other operating system works both ways.

The partitions are shown in the Explorer or Finder, respectively. You can, for example, create shortcuts for certain folders e. Downloads, Pictures etc.

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It is, however, necessary to shut the system down in order to switch the OS. You just have to press the Alt button when the system reboots. Note: The full functionality like the keyboard illumination is only available after you logged in and the Boot Camp driver was loaded. We could play Tomb Raider and Dota 2 smoothly with the medium preset, but the frame rate of Dirt Rally actually dropped below 30 fps in this setting.

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We did not encounter any graphics errors during the test, only some surfaces in Dirt Rally were unusually bright. You should, however, consider that this is still a beta game.

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The Tomb Raider results are comparable to the values that we determined in the review with Windows 8.

play dota 2 on mac without bootcamp Play dota 2 on mac without bootcamp
play dota 2 on mac without bootcamp Play dota 2 on mac without bootcamp
play dota 2 on mac without bootcamp Play dota 2 on mac without bootcamp
play dota 2 on mac without bootcamp Play dota 2 on mac without bootcamp
play dota 2 on mac without bootcamp Play dota 2 on mac without bootcamp
play dota 2 on mac without bootcamp Play dota 2 on mac without bootcamp
play dota 2 on mac without bootcamp Play dota 2 on mac without bootcamp

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