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Connect the watcher with the do-er. Now you have all the pieces and they just have to be joined together and activated. To do this manually you just need to type the right command into the CLI. True of nearly everything in life. Close your laptop for a few seconds, open it, and watch the little WIFI zebra tornado flash on and off.

Start it all automatically on login. Stupid, right? Yep, very stupid. Apple has had this problem for years. Become a member. Sign in. Get started.

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How to Speed Up Slow Internet Connection on Mac

Thanks again. Ah bless you! Thank you so much this helped! Very grateful you took the time to write this for all us out here with Mac woes. Thanks a lot.

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I have been facing wifi issues since I opened the box of my new MacBook Pro I was planing to bring to service this new Mac but now wifi works flawlessly. Great job. Symptoms were that I did not have any internet connection for web, ITunes ot AppStore after an upgrade to Sierra that used the network. ITunes complained. Safari just sat there appearing to try to load a page and AppStore had zero content on any page.

Thank you for this guide. I was facing issues with my new macbook pro running macos sierra and this helped! After deleting the files in the first step, Sierra crashes every 2 o 3 times a day. Someone experienced this already?

Fix Slow WiFi in macOS High Sierra!

Thank you so much Paul. Your instructions were straight forward and my wifi is back and running. Thank you very much. I did all of this post, but nothing worked. First of all thank you OSX Daily for this article. So I called Apple Support today and spent two hours on the phone. Reinstalled Sierra but that didnt work either. After doing many searches I found this youtube video that mentioned that Sierra left out support for some Broadcom and Aetheros wifi chips and provided kext files as a fix.

It worked like a charm on the first try. This literally was the last site I was going to check out before taking my Mac to Apple. My dear fellow, you have been a great help After going to sleep, after opening the lid, wifi is nearly immediatly back on track Wonderfull, now up to next bug in the band since the upgrade to sierra on my beloved macbookpro All the best from Belgium. I followed step 1 above and it worked for about an hour. I left the lid open and let the mac go to sleep and checked several times, but when i closed the lid and opened it, the wifi connection was lost.

Fix Slow WiFi connection on Mac OS X: iMac, MacBook

I purchased the new MacBook Pro in February and have experienced wifi consistently dropping after waking from sleep mode since purchasing. I spoke with Apple three separate times and got three different fixes, but they only worked temporarily. I tried step 1 above and so far so good. I hope it lasts. This was so helpful! I updated my harddrive and RAM and installed Sierra at the same time and was confused at the crazy slow internet.

Deleting my wifi preferences fixed everything. Thanks so much for great info!

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The longer the delay in returning output the more likely the local cache or your configured DNS server or network routing to the DNS server is having issues e. If the problem is chronic then your designated DNS server might need to be reconfigured to another server. If ping latencies are high, but the delay between issuing the command and seeing out is brief, then DNS is probably okay.

A good article on how to do that can be found at:. Clear cache or run a cleaner like clean my mac.

10 Ways to Speed Up Slow Internet Connection on Mac

Reboot issue fixed for a while then have to do it all again! This on most occasions does not fix the issue.

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I have fully reinstalled OSX and still the issue keeps happening. If you run a cache cleaner and reboot WIFI returns to full speeds but after a few hours the issue happens again. I bought a new MacBook Pro beginning of the year. Everything worked great until yesterday. I do not know what might have happened but my WIFI was not stable any longer. Internet connection was lost after about one minute. When switching WIFI off and on again connection was there for a minute or so again.

Problems Once Connected

I had no problem at all when being connected to the router via cable. Fortunately I found this information on the internet. Method 1 did not help me at all.

go here However, with method 2 my internet is working again. Thank you very much! All my other devices, iPad, iPhone, Windows Laptop are working without any problems without changing anything. And my MacBook also worked until yesterday, I did not install any update or the like. I do have Norton Internet Security installed on my MacBook, is it possible that this is causing the problem?

I was having that same problem. The one macbook continues fine without issues, but the other macbook just recently started having this problem.

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