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The dual boot

You may want to run through the configuration process again too, making sure not to miss any steps. The initial OS X side setup is the same, but you must obviously use an Android app to wake the Mac and complete the second set of steps. That is done by configuring the routers IP address and an open port that forwards to the Mac with WOL support — again this is optional, and other free WOL apps may support the feature as well, but you would have to check yourself.

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Enter your email address below:. In case someone is wondering what port number to use, it is recommended to use UDP port 9 and configure the router to forward it to your Mac. Tried testing it again. Anyone knows? It would be nice to get that worked. Based on my research, it MAY work if: 1. Use Apple wireless router 2. Not off, not Hibernate. I have to go to the machine first…. Probably iMac too. Yes you can remote wake a Mac over the internet with WOL, but you must have the port cleared on the router that the Mac resides behind. This article has a horrible title. Its not remote unless you are not on the same wifi network, that would be called local.

Connect to your router, poke around. But if you connect a Mac or PC! What a ridiculous comment.

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  • Anyway, I use this on a regular basis to wake my Mac when I get to the home or office, or if I need to perform remote management or want to trigger a Time Machine backup from far away. I understand this is advanced, so I am not surprised that an average computer user does not understand the limitations by default, and how to bypass those.

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    • You can connect to your router via web browser and try to determine if your router supports the feature, some do and some do not. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Gwyneth Llewelyn says:. September 12, at am.

      Enable Auto Startup After Power Failure For Apple Mac Mini

      The system prefs are alright and, of course, set to "Wake for Ethernet Network Access" is enabled. Furthermore, several programs and tasks are running in the backgound Cubby, LogMeIn, hourly Time Capsule backup , but none of them brings the Mac back from sleep. Basically, the Bonjour Sleep Proxy should maintain the network connection to the sleeping Mac, but it's not working anymore.

      Mac mini Late 2012 Hard Drive/SSD Installation Video

      Even a direct afp connection to the sleeping Mac mini from within the local network fails. After it went to sleep, it disappears from the network. Others appear to be having the same issue. You can do so following the steps HERE.


      Yes, wired. It's a wired Ethernet-over-Power Line connection, see www. WiFi is turned off. The network setup has always been this way and never caused problems. Glitches started after upgrading to ML. It was set to three hours, which explains why the Mac mini I wonder why I did not run into that problem with Snow Leopard or Lion.

      Maybe they really changed something under the hood with regards to the Power Nap feature. For now, it's just guessing, so any further ideas are warmly welcome. I sometimes have a problem with my Mini losing WiFi connection but haven't care enough to to investigate since I rarely need to connect remotely. DHCP might be the issue as you suggested so I'll look into that myself.

      Might be worth trying a direct line into your router just to see if the pwer line connection is somehow contributing to the problem. You're absolutely right, one should rule out every possible cause for error.

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      I will try a direct connection if the DHCP lease time does not solve the problem, but I doubt that the dLAN adapters have anything to do with the issue. Network traffic is running perfectly well. Ok, I did not expect that, but it really seems to be connected to the dLAN adapters. They go to sleep as well, a few minutes after the mini did. That's why the connection breaks.

      I never had that behaviour with SL and Lion, but it seems to be the way it should have worked from the beginning. I tried a direct connection between mini and Time Capsule and it worked perfectly well, at least a few minutes after putting the mini to sleep. I did not try a longer period of time as I have no possibilty to connect the mini directly to the router.

      My workaround will be disabling sleep mode until I find a solution. I'm on a Mac mini connected to an Airport Extreme and experiencing the same issue with wake for internet access not working.

      It worked perfectly before, and now it does not. Jul 31, PM. Well, not what you were hoping but at least you narowed it down. I expect this is not the intended functionality and that it will be patched - hopefully soon. I am having this same problem. Once I upgrade I couldn't figure out why all my ports were giving me time out errors.

      macos - Can "safe sleep" actually be disabled on a Mac Mini running Mountain Lion? - Super User

      I have services running on my mac that I access over the internet. After thinking about it, I narrowed it down to the sleep. Before ML my computer would wake up and I could connect fine.

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