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One song, "Temporary" took me like a year to make. That was the first song I ever made -- me and my producer called Mr. That was when I was in Florida for about three years -- went there in came back in He was the first person that brought me into the studio. I never been to no real studio before even when I was in New York. So when I went there, I heard my voice in a real microphone.

When I knew how I could sound, I abused it. I went home -- I listened to the song. I wrote it over and over, changing things.


It took me mad long to finish that. I was 17 when I started making [the song] and I was 18 when I put it out. When I recorded it, it came out a real good song. That was the song that lead to my career. I would say myself because I always stuck to myself and thought a lot. So it was just me thinking about things and putting it together. And I like puzzles.

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I always liked puzzles as a kid. I got 's in every writing class. Straight A's in everything. I went to Dewitt Clinton in the Bronx so I was with 20 years olds so you had to learn to grow up quick. I went to one of the worst schools in the Bronx. I was seeing all this bad stuff.

It started to come to me. I stopped going to school for a little while -- just in and out. I still graduated high school though. Yeah I was in Florida then. If you take them when it's not necessary, you might find they don't work when you do need them. Ask your doctor if you need to take them. While bacteria likely play a role in dental heart health , doctors say your lifestyle choices are a factor, too. Many are smokers.

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They probably aren't exercising ; they may not be eating well. We know all of those things are some of the strongest predictors of heart disease.

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A lot of people with periodontal disease also have diabetes , which is another strong risk factor for heart disease , he adds. The American Heart Association says there's no evidence that you can prevent heart disease by preventing gum disease. But it's important to get regular dental checkups -- including dental X-rays. You should also be sure to treat any gum disease early if you want to save your choppers and stay healthy. So go ahead -- brush your teeth a bit longer or floss a little more often. Everyone likes a clean and healthy mouth, and maybe your heart just might love it, too.

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    mac miller good evening clean download Mac miller good evening clean download
    mac miller good evening clean download Mac miller good evening clean download
    mac miller good evening clean download Mac miller good evening clean download
    mac miller good evening clean download Mac miller good evening clean download
    mac miller good evening clean download Mac miller good evening clean download
    mac miller good evening clean download Mac miller good evening clean download
    mac miller good evening clean download Mac miller good evening clean download

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