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There are many free IPTV services out there, but the most popular ones are usually paid and offer a full compliment of tv channels from various countries. This is especially popular with sports fans who would like to watch tv from different countries, covering different sports. This allows me to watch over 60 different sports channels, allowing me to follow my favorite soccer teams from all over the world. The image is what I see on my tv and is in excellent HD quality.

One thing to note, while Kodi works excellent as an app for movies, and even streaming IPTV channels from an add-on in the Programs pane, there is an extremely long load time for Live TV channels, often times taking up to a minute just to load a channel. After some searching online it was recommended that I used an older XBMC release, specifically version For what I wanted to get out of the app, it was clear that Gotham was preferable over the latest releases of Kodi. As you can see in the screenshot below, the channel list on the left with the live tv image on the right.

When you choose a channel to switch to it goes fullscreen. Some of the features of TVMobili include the ability to stream video files in full p HD, integration with iTunes catalogue, and the sharing of pictures. It currently streams the following files;. Set up is extremely easy, all you need to do is point the server to the folder in which your files are stored.

It will automatically pull all files from said folder and stream them to one of the devices of your choosing. One thing to note, TVMobili offer a free and paid service. I was lucky enough to start using TVMobili before they started charging so I never upgraded to the latest version and I still receive unlimited streaming. Part of the fun of making a HTPC is having all of your files ripped to a storage device, allowing for easy access to all of your digital files.

Simply move the ripped audio files over to your storage device, or if you want to have it remain in iTunes, but also have Plex able to share the files simply point Plex to your iTunes folder. It will automatically scan the folder and get the appropriate artist information and album artwork. It also allows you to choose the audio and picture quality, giving you a variety of options.

To say it has it all would be an understatement.

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Luckily all I needed to do was plug the HD-DVD player, which is rather small, into the back of my computer and insert the disk. Handrake automatically recognized the disc and I was able to rip the videos into mkv format. Now all those HD movies are on the Drobo and are easily accessible.

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People have been playing games on their computers since a personal computer was first invented, and boy have the come a long way. The emulation scene for pc computers has also come a long way in that time. They are most often used to play older video games that would be unavailable for sale in retail outlets. It has all the necessary files to run the game. Dolphin is another popular emulator that will emulate the Nintendo GameCube, Wii and Triforce systems. Then you have Boxer , which is a DOS emulator.

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There are some amazing adventure games that were built on DOS that have never been re-released, or perhaps you might still have those games tucked away somewhere. This allows you to purchase more recent games that are tailored specifically for the Mac. No emulators are necessary.

You could play Angry Birds, World of Goo and thousands of other games right on your television. You might be asking just why would you want to read comics on your tv.

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Well for many people, digital comics have become as common as the old print version. You can now read comics on your computer, tablet, phone or other electronic devices. So why not integrate it into a HTPC. The objective of a HTPC is to entertain you by creating an ecosphere that serves up your various media files in a neat and convenient manner. You can find comics to read by browsing cover artwork, smart lists, or using the advanced search functions. Think of it as iTunes for your comics, and experiencing it on a large screen television just makes the kid inside me giddy with excitement.

The cons and pros? I wanted to end it on a good note, because that what the experience has been. Searching for a movie or television show on the Drobo, or searching through Netflix, Hulu or Amazon might not be easy for some, but spending a few minutes showing them the basics should help.

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Thankfully using a universal remote is not out of the question. The layout looks great, and the features that Plex offers is near superb. Using XBMC to stream live tv is also a blessing. It makes the ability to watch tv from all over the world a reality, all you need is an internet connection. If I want I can browse the web, chat online, conduct video chats and much more. Jul 4, Posts: Mon Jul 04, 4: Sanity is for the weak Registered: Sep 21, Posts: Mon Jul 04, 5: Sep 10, Posts: Mon Jul 04, 2: Sep 6, Posts: Thu Jul 14, 2: U Moderator et Subscriptor Tribus: The Big Apple Registered: Jun 17, Posts: Sat Jul 16, Western USA.

Sep 1, Posts: Tue Jul 19, 9: You can see my earlier review of Hulu Desktop for more information, but really, if you are in the US, this is a fantastic addition to any media center. But really, what else can I say. QuickTime -- Apple's famous all-around media player. It's free! These are traditional media center applications that can manage and serve content from a variety of sources and from across the network. The brains of your Mac media center, if you will. Boxee -- Boxee has received a lot of love from us at TUAW because it was one of the first media center apps that really integrated well with third-party web content.

Streaming content is still where Boxee excels. Although you can manage your entire media library locally or from a network share, that's not where Boxee shines. In fact, I often wish Boxee was just a tad better as an overall media manager, because it is so great at doing other stuff. If you're a Netflix subscriber, Boxee's implementation of the Watch Instantly service is the best around. More and more plugins are being developed for Boxee all the time, but if you have lots and lots of digital movies and music, you might not always want to use it as your primary media player. Unlike Boxee, the primary goal of Plex was to act as a FrontRow replacement.

In that regard, it comes very close to being perfect. Plex does a better job of managing large movie and music collections -- especially over networked shares -- than Boxee does.

Mac Mini HTPC alternatives?

Like Boxee, Plex also has a number of attractive plugins to add streaming content support. Although some of these implementations are wholly unique, there is some cross-over. Plex offers Netflix support too, but it isn't as good as what Boxee does. Fast-forwarding isn't as reliable and if you want to watch a TV season that has multiple episodes, there isn't an easy way to select individual episodes you can only do that if you view TV shows alphabetically. Still, Plex does a great job working with iTunes and with video content. As a bonus, you can add a shortcut to the Hulu Desktop player from within Plex, so that Plex can launch Hulu's separate player without having to leave the program. That's nice. On the whole, I find it more stable than Plex or Boxee; while there aren't as many plugins and certainly not for streaming content , it plugs into networked media shares extremely well and also integrates well with shared music libraries.

The new Aeon skin that XBMC is developing is absolutely amazing and blows the doors off of anything else out there. If you have a lot of content that is already digitized and you don't spend as much time with web content, XBMC might be your best bet. Overall, all three systems have their own plusses and minuses.

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