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Firefox at a glance
How To Reduce RAM While Using Google Chrome - Make Google Chrome Faster - Speed Up Your PC 2017

There's a good browser that's the best when it comes to memory management but it's just for Windows. It's called Green Browser which uses the IE engine.

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Does anyone know a browser that manages memory well in macOS Sierra? Posted on Nov 1, 2: Page content loaded. Nov 1, 3: I use Safari I am also using this very same version browser on El Capitan So what has changed on your iMac? You might consider running the free EtreCheck diagnostic software written by EtreSoft, one of our long-term contributors.

Then post the results back here. This will help us peer over your shoulder, and make recommendations about what may be impacting your browser behavior.

Best web browser: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Opera go head-to-head

Nov 1, 8: I think that old memory leak is back with the latest It wasn't there before even if there 2 windows with 30 to 40 tabs each. This never happens to Chrome even with so many tabs open. At best it should only freeze the browser not the whole system but I do have just 55GB space left. I still have I'm trying something different besides Chrome very stable But I'm testing that theory this time with a browser called QupZilla which is not bad, has a smaller memory footprint.

Thanks again. Happy All Saint's and All Soul's day. Well good luck.

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Here's a semi-scientific method to see if Chrome or Firefox has higher performance on your machine, on both Mac and Windows This step is important — the Guest Account is as close as you can get to having a brand-new Mac with nothing installed on it. It means that when you open up Chrome or Firefox, no other extensions or default homepages will load, meaning you get the "pure" experience.

Chrome at a glance

You'll need that for your testing purposes. Find Chrome. You might need to scroll down in Activity Monitor to find your browser. It should have Chrome's logo. While Activity Monitor does show you how much RAM an app like your web browser uses, it doesn't show you everything in a neat little package.

Follow the next step to get that an overall look at how much RAM your browser is using.

How to Optimize Safari, Opera, Chrome, Firefox on Mac | Other World Computing Blog

You can compare how much RAM each browser used running the same amount of tabs and websites. That should give you an idea of which browser is using more — or less — RAM. In my case, Firefox is using significantly more "real" and "virtual" memory than Chrome does running the same 10 websites.

I also tried this with 30 tabs, Firefox's "sweet spot," and found that it still used up more RAM than Chrome. But that may not be the case for you. Windows 10 doesn't have a "guest" mode like macOS does, so you'll have to do something a little differently than Mac users.

In Google Chrome, click your account name on the top right, then click "Guest. You'll need to close the other Chrome windows to get the purest form of Chrome. This more pure Chrome won't have any of your extensions or preferences set, giving you a slightly more scientific baseline for your tests. In the Task Manager window, find your browser and note the number in the Memory column.

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Whatever browser has a higher number in the Memory column of Task Manager while running the same tabs and websites is more likely to slow down your computer. At least you know for sure which browser uses up more of your computer's RAM. If you find that your browser uses more RAM than the other, don't feel the need to switch. If you're comfortable with it, and it works for you most of the time, keep using it. Get the latest Google stock price here.

best browser memory usage mac Best browser memory usage mac
best browser memory usage mac Best browser memory usage mac
best browser memory usage mac Best browser memory usage mac
best browser memory usage mac Best browser memory usage mac
best browser memory usage mac Best browser memory usage mac
best browser memory usage mac Best browser memory usage mac

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