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The added stereo widening feature can be a neat bonus in a vocal processing chain but do make sure to double-check your mix in mono when using it. This results in unnecessarily long download times and a somewhat cumbersome installation procedure. I also found the interface to be slightly less intuitive than the one in Graillon 2, but your mileage may vary. Those few drawbacks aside, MAutoPitch is a brilliant free auto-tune effect that could easily become your go-to pitch correction tool. GSnap is the OG of free auto-tune alternatives.

It was the first freeware VST plugin one could use to achieve the classic auto-tune effect, back when such software tools were still somewhat of a rarity. In terms of its features and design, GSnap is still a fantastic pitch correction plugin. At first look, it seems very similar to Graillon 2 and MAutoPitch. One excellent feature that sets it apart, though, is the ability to tune the processed audio signal according to the MIDI notes on the input.

Instead of that, you could feed the correct MIDI notes into it and let the plugin take care of the rest.

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It does come with a very well-written manual, though, which is worth a read if you decide to use GSnap as your go-to pitch correction tool. KeroVee is another old pitch correction tool, released way back in Although it looks somewhat less slick than the previous three plugins on this list, its feature set is right on par.

But apart from that, KeroVee can also operate in full auto mode, just like the previously mentioned Graillon 2 and MAutoPitch. It will only work as a VST plugin in Windows-based digital audio workstations, so Mac users are out of luck here. Another interesting vocal processing tool, although more of a pitch shifter than a pitch correction plugin, is the excellent Little AlterBoy by Soundtoys. Tomislav is a journalist, music producer and web designer from Belgrade, Serbia.

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He is also the owner and editor-in-chief here at Bedroom Producers Blog. You can create some really cool house vocals with that, or totaly fresh up that dirty south hook!

If you use Linux check out Zita at1. It has a simple interface and performs well.

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It is stand alone but works well with the insert on DAW apps such as Ardour. When I use de GS, I record some song, and enter ont he pluging. Manual mode is absolutely necessary if you want natural sounding pitch correction… you know… for when vocals need to be in tune.

Auto modes are only good for the silly and over used T-pain effect. Unfortunately all the plugs listed above are useless for basic, invisible pitch correction. I found mAutoPitch to be incredibly good if you are after transparent correction of slight pitch variations.

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  5. Very similar in operation to the automatic pitch correction that is built into Cubase. I highly recommend it. Hi, Can we open this software directly or we need to have the other audio software to open or use that? Autotalent v0. Not everyone uses a potato to record music.

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    I use a bit system with S1 that has no internal bridge for obsolete VST technology. Thanks for the tips though. I may try them out for a less hefty acoustic project or something. Im having issues getting Kerovee to work with Mulab 7.

    Autotune Free Tutorial

    Anyone have similar problems? This software is available via download from the manufacturer's website. After you place your order we will email you the instructions to download and authorize your software. A dream tool that helps vocalists stay in tune while singing, feel confident, and focus on the emotion of their performance, in the studio or live on stage.

    Producers, engineers and performers can use the plugin for subtle pitch correction, but also as a creative pitch quantization effect — all in real time. The intuitive controls, simple layout, and touchscreen compatibility are key for engineers who have little time to fuss around and need to quickly get solid and "ready-to-go" vocals. Waves Tune Real-Time can be easily programmed per song and customized to the singer's articulation. Waves Tune Real-Time is compatible with all Waves SoundGrid applications and eMotion mixers, and can work seamlessly with any live console via MultiRack without the need for complex setups.


    Waves Tune Real-Time

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    waves tune plugin free download for mac Waves tune plugin free download for mac
    waves tune plugin free download for mac Waves tune plugin free download for mac
    waves tune plugin free download for mac Waves tune plugin free download for mac
    waves tune plugin free download for mac Waves tune plugin free download for mac
    waves tune plugin free download for mac Waves tune plugin free download for mac
    waves tune plugin free download for mac Waves tune plugin free download for mac

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