Mac time machine restore not enough space

Restoring and Recovering an Entire Mac System from Time Machine Backups

If you'e restoring both an OSX volume and copying a second one containing user home folders , select Disk Utility and restore the one with the home folders via the Restore tab. See Copying a volume via the Restore Tab for details.

2. Check If You Have 32-Bit Apps

If you're going to restore a data-only volume, see question Then quit Disk Utility and continue. Click Continue and follow the on-screen instructions:. You'll be prompted to select the disk where your backups are. An encrypted disk has a special gray icon 4th on the sample. When you select it, you must enter the password.

Then it will be displayed normally, but may change position in the window , and you may need to re-select it.

Drive is read-only

If you're restoring from a network drive via WIFI not recommended -- use Ethernet if at all possible , click the Airport icon in the Menubar and join the network. There will be a list showing the date and time of each completed backup of the disk selected, and the version of OSX on that backup. Pacific Time. Click Restore , then the confirmation prompt. Once your Mac restarts, you can select the renamed volume in a Finder sidebar and control-click right-click it to change the name back. You'll next be prompted to. Even if the names are the same, there are still separate sets of backups.

I have no problem with my 2 WD disks all these years. You never know. It is not so trustful as it is expected to be or as Apple says.

Not enough space for Time Machine restore. : applehelp

It has too many problems. Everybody knows that. Personally I use Mac for over a decade and I have seen a lot. Making a clone it is a better idea some times or using a program like CCC. Dimitris: It is meaningless to make a restore from 4 or 5 months back … until you need to. Is it so far-fetched to think of an example? Say you are doing your taxes one year and that document from 11 months ago is missing.

Clones have the same issues, and more.

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It depends on kind of use. There are differences between a home use and a business use of a Mac. Definitely, you can not trust TM for keeping backups for over a year. Every year Apple changes the macOS with many updates. Who can guaranty that everything will work just fine? If you have extremely important documents like tax documents as you mention above, it is a very good idea to keep hard copies…. I can write too many things about Time Machine backups, clones or simple copies on disks, USB flashs, cloud services, about macOS problems, etc.

TM is a good solution to keep backups but the most important thing on this is that nobody says that one disk for backups is equal to nothing. TM is a long story and never ends. My new Seagate backup is indeed on the exclude list. I need details on how to remove it. Need help. Thank you. Don: Also, you can use the tmutil command but you need root privileges.

Hit Return, give your password and hit Return again. What is the cause of the sparsebundle error s that seemingly occur with annoying regularity- resulting in having to expunge the old backup and start over? I currently have an old external drive that is now too small and so need to change this and am wondering if I should stick with SuperDuper or move to Time Machine when I upgrade.

Thanks Gary. If you have two or more drives connected to the Mac Time Machine will alternate backups between the two or more drives. This gives, I feel, protection against a Time Machine drive failure.

Hi Garry, great video. I just wondered about Time Machine encryption. I formatted an external disc using Disc Utility encryption, because if I use Time Machine to encrypt it take a very long time to back up, is what I have done correct? Thank you, Robert. Robert: Does it work? It is certainly not the way I would have done it. I use Time Machine encryption. Not sure what the consequences are of the way you are doing it.

Hi Garry, it does work, I have a MacBook Pro 1TB ssd and use 1 TB WD external drive, when I first set up using Time Machine encryption it too a very long time to back up even after the second back, do you know roughly how long it should take to back up? Robert: How long an initial backup takes depends on the amount of data on your drive size and number of files , the speed of the drive, the speed of the backup drive, and the speed of the connection between them. Also the condition of the backup drive plays a big part. Gary and Robert: Both ways are correct and work just the same! The first option from System Preferences, allows you to keep your old backups because you can retroactively encrypt your existing Time Machine backup.

This can take a long time. So, could I plug one of my existing drives into the router, select that as a TM backup and have it pick up from where it left off, i. You mentioned that Time Machine will back up an attached external hard drive.

How to Restore Your Mac With Time Machine

Will the information on an attached flash drive be backed up also? Bill: As long as it is not on the exclusions list.

Fix Common Problems with macOS Time Machine

Check there, and remove it from the exclusions. TIA Julie. Julie: There are many different models of routers with different configurations and abilities and different ISPs. Check any documentation you may have, or call the tech support from the router or your ISP, if it is their box. Otherwise, you may need to get a local tech helper to come and set it up for you. I have been using Time Machine backup on an external drive with other files. I had no trouble setting the first drive up.

The new drive came with some extra software for Mac and PC. So I ran the Mac software first. Then I tried to set up Time machine as a new backup on the new drive. It is possible that you install macOS Catalina on your Mac, only to find that some of your software like Microsoft Word won't run or even open in macOS Instead, you may receive a message like below to inform you that your app is not optimized for your Mac and needs to be updated. Actually, it is because macOS Catalina doesn't support bits apps anymore.

Method 1: Use the Time Machine App

Apple has been phasing out bit software for the last 10 years and macOS Mojave is the last one that supports bit software. By default, macOS will tell you that the app is "not optimized for your Mac" or something like that when you attempt to open a bit app in macOS Catalina. However, if it doesn't give any warning but the software just won't open, you can also check your apps for bit compatibility manually. Step 3: Scroll down the context menu in the sidebar until you see the Software section.

Step 4: Click on the Applications option under Software to show your applications on this Mac. Step 5: Find the target app and you will see a section titled Bit Intel. Next to this section is either Yes or No. Well, you can't have your cake, and eat it. If you want to upgrade your operating system to macOS Catalina which is only compatible with bit software for sure, you can't use your bit apps.

So, you have only three options in this case and the solution is totally up to your preference. How to Downgrade from macOS The release of macOS Catalina However, for Mac users who've relied on the software to help manage their jobs: DJs, such transition may not be a good news.

If you rely on native instrument apps and XML files, and you have put tons of time into sorting music in your iTunes playlists, you should not upgrade to macOS Catalina until the developers update their apps for compatibility.

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However, after you put in your password of Apple ID and your Mac password, the message may pop back up again and again after a few minutes. You can solve this macOS Catalina bugs by saving your keychain to iCloud drive, and the following is the steps to do this. In macOS Catalina Can't access the Internet after installing macOS Catalina? Check the following methods to fix such issues. And then wait for seconds and reconnect to it. Try this for several times if it doesn't fix the WiFi problem after the first try.

If you can, it should be some incompatible apps or extensions that hinder the WiFi in normal work, and you could fix such WiFi not workign issue by uninstalling or updating your software and drivers.

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